What kind of organisation is Positive Impact Tourism?
We are a company that is dedicated to help you to make the world a better place. We do this by partnering up with local communities and organizations to offer you our so called 'Positive Impact Experiences.'
What is a positive impact experience?
All of our experiences are activities in which you will make a direct positive impact on the local community and/or natural environment of the places you visit.
Who are the our partners?
Our partners are tour operators, tour guides, local charities, and other other related organizations. All our partners have signed our 'Code Of Conduct' and therefore strive to make a difference in their locality.
How do we select the experiences and activities that we offer?
We select only those experiences that meet our criteria and uphold our code of conduct for making an impact. Our guests rate their experiences publicly on our website. We use these reviews to improve our selection and monitor our partners.
How do you determine the price for an experience?
First, we take the price that our partner has determined for their Positive Impact Experience and then we add a mark-up for our own overhead costs (administrative, marketing, employment). By doing this, we make sure that our local partners receive fair payment for the services they provide. For some experiences a little extra is requested to stimulate the success of the project. Please note that we do not strive for the most profit for ourselves or engage in a race for bottom prices in the martket by taking away a percentage/commission fee from our partners. Instead, we believe that fair prices go hand in hand with good quality services and more smiles all around, which for us is what it means to really aim to make the world a better place.