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How does it work?


Apply for partnership

Email us at for information on how to apply for a partnership. Partners can use the ”Sign up” option in the top right corner to create their PIT-account.


Add your services

In your partner account, you can add the Positive Impact Experiences that you wish to provide to guests. Experiences that meet the criteria will be published by PIT.


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Start getting bookings and #travelthechange with your guests!
And while your guests are enjoying and helping to preserve the beauty of your country, smile like never before and feel proud to be part of our global positive movement!

Why become a PIT Partner?


Because you care for your community and natural environment, love what you do and are passioned about the betterment of tourism in your country. To become a part of the movement to create a positive impact in your country. To be the awesome person that your are and let your light shine through!


Beacuse you love to receive people from all over the world. To tell them about your communities and nature and to show them the best that your country has to offer. But you want to do more than that. You want to let them experience your culture first-hand and provide them with the opportunity to give back and leave a positive impact behind.

Extra karma points

Because you know that all you need in life is a little enthusiasm and actions that spring from love. You are motivated to help make the world a better place and cannot wait to do so with your guests, just as we cannot wait to welcome you on board as a partner of PIT. Let’s #travelthechange together!


What kind of organisation is Positive Impact Tourism?
We are a company that is dedicated to help you to make the world a better place. We do this by partnering up with local communities and organizations to offer guests our so called 'Positive Impact Experiences' = activities that directly benefit local communities or nature.
What is a Positive Impact Experience?
All of our experiences are activities in which guests will make a direct positive impact on the local community and/or natural environment of the places they visit.

Who are the our partners?
Our partners are tour operators, tour guides, local charities, and other other related organizations. All our partners have signed our 'Code Of Conduct' and therefore strive to make a difference in their communities and natural environment. If you are unsure whether you can become a partner of PIT, please send us an email at
How do we select the experiences and activities that we offer?
We select only those experiences that meet our criteria and uphold our code of conduct for making an impact. Our guests rate their experiences publicly on our website. We use these reviews to improve our selection and monitor our partners.