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Our Story

The three founders of PIT have a love for travelling and for making the world a better place. So much so, that we have combined the two and are inviting you to join us in our mission to #travelthechange.

In our first blog, you can read more about why we started PIT.  We are dedicated to combine the fun of vacation with the awesomeness of giving back to local communities and nature. To make sure that we not only enjoy the beauty of our planet, but also help to preserve it for future generations and to stimulate communities to thrive in life. To leave a positive footprint behind.

And that is not even all!
What we also want to accomplish is a real systemic change. We aim to establish nationally implemented certification schemes for the tourism industry that pertains to the welfare of local communities and nature. As a traveller, you are a guest and not a consumer and this should be reflected in the impact tourism has on a country and its residents. Joining our community as a guest or partnering up with us gives you the opportunity to grow the movement towards better tourism around the world.

Even though we are different in nature and background, this is the dream and the legacy we hope to establish, together with our awesome guests and great partners. Together with you!

May 2021,
Ms Esther M. van Ruth (founder and huge jungle fan)🌴🌴
Mr Satish A. Roopram (co-founder and travel professional)


Our mission

Our mission is to stimulate travellers’ direct contribution to the welfare of local communities and nature.

We do this by connecting engaged travellers with local partners to realise positive impact experiences and by exchanging positive impact travel stories and tips on how to travel socially through our online community.

Furthermore, we have developed a Code of Conduct for our partners and a certification scheme for the tourism industry. We aim to establish partnerships with national or local governments to implement the Positive Impact Standard and stimulate a tourism industry that takes the welbeing of local communities and nature to heart.

At our core, we are a fun-loving, humble, adventurous bunch and we are intrinsically motivated to make people smile and thrive.

Corporate information

Positive Impact Tourism B.V
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